Thursday, 18 August 2016

More Antiques

Went to Orangeville a few months ago and picked a cool
blue wooden box in a little store on the main street.
I added wheels on the bottom and it makes for great storage.

In front of it is a small wooden horse I got at the Christie 
Antique Show in the summer. I also picked up a metal briefcase
with a wood handle and a vintage picnic basket.

Picked up this shoe shine box at a huge antique market up near Innisfil. 
It is full of brushes and polishes. Also picked up a vintage alarm clock
that was made in Canada.

Also got the shoe form on the left with amazing patina.

Lastly, I was walking through the farmer's market in Unionville
and saw this market basket for sale in a booth.
It is in really great condition and I bought it from the
original owner, a little old lady who used it
for carrying her groceries. I could not pass it up for $5.
Yup! $5.00!!!

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