Thursday, 18 August 2016

Summer Thad

Thad is working hard outside cleaning pools again this summer.
He is a supervisor this year. Getting a pretty good tan.  : )

More Antiques

Went to Orangeville a few months ago and picked a cool
blue wooden box in a little store on the main street.
I added wheels on the bottom and it makes for great storage.

In front of it is a small wooden horse I got at the Christie 
Antique Show in the summer. I also picked up a metal briefcase
with a wood handle and a vintage picnic basket.

Picked up this shoe shine box at a huge antique market up near Innisfil. 
It is full of brushes and polishes. Also picked up a vintage alarm clock
that was made in Canada.

Also got the shoe form on the left with amazing patina.

Lastly, I was walking through the farmer's market in Unionville
and saw this market basket for sale in a booth.
It is in really great condition and I bought it from the
original owner, a little old lady who used it
for carrying her groceries. I could not pass it up for $5.
Yup! $5.00!!!

Recent Antique Finds

While on vacation in Gravenhurst, picked up some nice pieces.
 There is a great store called The Gypsy Market Mews. 
It is my favourite store in the town with cool vintage finds and
an excellent cafe attached where you can get
the best Mocha in town.

Got this large fishing basket.

This small wooden rocking horse seat in with great patina!

Another shop which was new this year was Rustix.
Got this folk art carving of a dog. (Of course) : )

Enjoyed our time there and saw a great play at the Opera House.  : )

Wagon Before & After

I went antiquing a while ago and picked up a few things. 
I got this wagon for $35 and gave it a good cleaning, 
two coats of hemp oil and two coats of tough coat.

Now it makes a nice side table on my front porch.  : )

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

23 on the 23rd!

Happy Birthday Thad!
Turning 23 on the 23rd of February!

Enjoy your day! Love you. xoxo

Sunday, 14 February 2016

New Bench

I just finished making a bench for my mudroom.
I bought the legs (which are actually porch railings)
from an antiques mall.
The top is a piece of pine from a lumber mill.
All told it cost me under $30.

The legs are as found. I stained and sealed the top.  : )

Happy Valentine's Day

Nape made these delicious treats from scratch.
Of course his girlfriend got most of them but he did save 
one for each of his parents.  <3 :)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

More Antique Finds

I seem to be drawn to vintage shoe cleaning kits.
I love the different brushes and polishes that
you find in these wooden kits.
I also like old wooden shoe forms.
I found this wonderful vintage blue leather suitcase.

There are all kinds of neat things in this kit.
Including old polishes from England, lots of brushes,
and a cool bottle of white shoe polish that originally cost 35 cents!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Curio Cabinet Make Over

My cousin very generously gave me this curio cabinet that she
bought for an animal charity.
It was a dark shiny finish all over and was missing
the bottom trim piece. First I attached a new trim piece, then
painted the outside of the cabinet, AS Old White.
Didn't even sand or prime, just slapped on the paint.
On the inside I painted a Duck Egg Blue.
Refastened the door hardware and done.



It's ready to be filled and hung on the wall.  : )

Mocha turns 12

My best friend turned 12 today.
Happy Birthday Mocha!! Love you.  <3