Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Flowers in my garden

Wow! This year's crop has been a beauty!
Starting with the Daffodils, then the Irises.

I bought two pots from Canadian Tire & they are really thriving.

Bought a new plant to replace my dead Purple Sand Cherry.
It is a Rhdodendren. Hopefully it will do well there.

Now it is Peony season! They are my favourite flowers!

I have three bushes & they are covered in blooms!
They have been transplanted 5 times & are over 80 years old!!   : )

Friday, 13 June 2014

Wherever You Go, my love will find you

This is a poem by Nancy Tillman that a friend
gave to her daughter when she moved to France
with her fiance. She is getting married soon
& my friend asked me to do an illustrated
version of the poem for her that she could
frame & give them as a wedding present. She is
going to read the poem at the wedding.

She gave me a month to do it. Did the rough copy
yesterday, finished the good copy today. She leaves
this weekend. Ahhh, nothing gets you moving like a deadline!  : )

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Quick Study

This little guy is studying for his MBA.
He is a hand carved gnome that I had made just for Doug by
my friend John in Pennsylvania.

He's looks very intent doesn't he?  : )

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hawaii Swag

Went to Hawaii for 2 weeks with Doug's family
for his parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.
What an awesome trip!!!
We did a one week cruise with his parents & his brother & wife.
We saw Oahu, Maui, Hawaii & Kauai.
Each island has it's own unique attractions.
We did 4 different excursions from the ship & each one was fun
& interesting with AWESOME guides!

Everything I bought there was made in Hawaii, either by
local artists or manufacturers with the exception of a few little tourist items.
I bet you can guess where they were made.

The turquoise mug was hand made & painted in Hawaii.
The Tiki was carved by a woman selling them on the
street in La Haina, Maui. The Raku jar with the turtle on top 
was hand made by a local Maui artist.

This turtle was hand carved just for me by a local carver
in La Haina, Maui. He had just roughed out the shape & he finished it
for me & then signed it. It is one of my favourite pieces!

The tea towels are printed with island motifs & locally made.

The box was hand made in Fiji.

Bought lots of Kona coffee!

This little turtle is sterling silver & opal.

This turtle was hand carved from cow bone by local artists in Oahu.
I will be posting pictures from the trip when I edit them. There are a lot!  : )


The Daffodils were late coming but, worth the wait!

This vase was just one clump of them. I left the rest in the garden for 
a nice spot of bright sunshine.   : )

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Vic Reunion 2014

Went to a University reunion on Saturday.
It was nice to see people that I haven't seen in 31 years!
Some I keep in touch with, others I have
seen at recent reunions.
It really was a wonderful time of life, & I have
lots of fond memories of that time.

Lots of catching up, lots of wine. 
Good times.  : )