Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dress Form Repaint

I have a small collection of tabletop dress forms.
I had a couple that were different colours & didn't
really go with the rest of the forms. 
So.... I repainted them.

Unfortunately, I did not take a before picture. 
The small one had a dark reddish brown base that I repainted with
Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Flow Blue.
I painted directly on the shiny surface without the bonding agent
because I wanted a very chippy look with the base colour
showing in spots. Then I sealed it with the clear tough topcoat
because I wanted a shiny finish & to stop the paint
 from any further chipping. (far right)

The second one was a pretty shaped metal one but it was
a goldish yellow colour. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint
in Paris Grey, to cover the whole thing. 
Then distressed it & waxed it.

Now the colours blend better with the rest of the forms.  : )

Friday, 30 October 2015

Antiques & Decor Update

I haven't written on this blog for so long I almost forgot how!
I recently went on an antiquing trip to a huge antiques mall in Cambridge. 
I went with a good friend & we ended up spending over 3 hours 
there & only stopped because we were starving!!
I scored some really neat items at great prices!

The first item that caught my eye was this fellow.
He is a 1920's Schuco Yes/No Bellhop Monkey. 
He nods & shakes his head when you move his tail.

These veranda spindles are going to make great table legs for a project I am
going to make with an old window.

This is a wooden shadow puppet is from 1960's Indonesia.
This type of puppet is called Wayang Golek and is
operated by a puppeteer behind a screen to make shadows.
The ornately carved wood is typical of this type of puppet.

A vintage Italian Olive bucket.

On to decor updates.

Recently finished this paint by number I got a few years ago
on clearance for $3. I have never done a paint by number
before & it was a bit of a challenge but quite
satisfying, like solving a difficult jigsaw puzzle.
I added a few colours of my own design and made it mine.
(note the turquoise and purple touches)

When Doug & I had our first apartment we had a really long
hallway and I put a bunch of souvenirs and small
items along it to make it a bit more interesting.
I recently opened the box that they have been stored in for almost 24 years!
I thought they needed to see the light of day again.
New items have been added from new adventures
& I think it is a great way to get rid of some of the
boxes in the basement.

The dried Hydrangeas are from my garden this year.