Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Around the Gardens

The gardens this year look pretty good.
Plants are maturing. Some did not fare well with the ice storm in
December so I had to replace two Purple Sand Cherries that were dead.
Also I took out some over grown bushes in the back gardens & replaced them with some
new lighter bushes with a bit more colour.

The clear out.

The new plants added.

New Purple Sand Cherry.




Spyria plants to replace some of the ugly overgrown shrubs.

Of course my trusty companion was present throughout the process.

The Phlox is blooming

Day Lilies. 

Not sure what these are but I bought one & stuck it in a planter.

Caught a shot of this beauty in the front garden.  : )

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cottage visit

I went to my friend's cottage on Lake Rosseau for a couple of days of shopping fun.

The boat & dock as seen from the cottage front porch.

Day Lily.

Front porch easy chairs.

The cottage.

The dock.

View from the dock in their little bay.

Got this solid wood wagon with metal wheels at an Antique shop in Port Carling.
It is not original paint so I am thinking of painting it myself.
If it was original paint I wouldn't touch it because the value would be
greatly reduced as the patina & age that is the measure of value in an
antique would be ruined.  : )

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Our New Shed

We have been getting a shed for a long time & finally it has happened.
It arrived on Thursday & was put up & complete in about 2 hours!
It is solid pine & is beautiful! Best of all it fits all the
stuff from the garage that we don't want in there.
Doug & the boys poured a concrete pad & the shed was assembled
over top with a wood floor.
(Doug is mighty proud of that pad! LOL!)

And here it is.... from pad to shed in just under 2 hrs!

It really is a nice way to store a lot of stuff!  : )