Thursday, 31 May 2012

My own Fabric

I got this fabric in the mail the other day. I got it printed up so I could make a pillow out of my own art. Pretty cool. The quality is great and although the photo isn't very good you can see the colours are really clear. I just got a fat quarter of the linen canvas. I ordered it from check it out, it is a great site with lots of options and ideas and you can order other designer fabrics as well. Lots of eye candy!

This is my first try at making fabric but it definitely won't be my last! : )

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Prom May 2012

Finally got the pictures downloaded. Here are my sons and their dates for Prom. The irony is that neither of them is actually in Grade 12. The older one is working right now and going to University in the Fall, while the younger one is in Grade 11. Funny to see them at the same Prom. Wow, where did the time go???

Thad is wearing my Dad's tux. He would have been so proud.

Nape wore his own suit and looked quite dashing too.

I looked at my Prom photo, whoa what was I thinking? LOL! It looks like I'm wearing a granny gown compared to the sophisticated dresses worn today. Of course the hair is awful as well, I'd like to say it was a product of the times (early 80's) but I'm afraid it was partly my fault. : )

Monday, 28 May 2012

Blooming Beauty

My garden

I have 3 peony bushes that have been transplanted 4 times over their 80 year life span. Yup they are at least that old because they were my Granny's original plants. They were transplanted from her garden to my Mom's, then I took them to my house and then again when we moved to our current house. Amazing, eh? They are my favourite flower.

My dog Mocha is enjoying the sunny weather!

OK, back to figuring out what I want to be when I grow up... : )

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Treasures & Transformation

I bought this wicker chair at an antique market and paid $40 for it. I then recovered the seat and pillow and now it looks like I paid more!

I love this easel, it has a drawer to put your paints etc. and it folds up and has a strap so you can take outside with you to paint anywhere. Here in Canada it was $250, I paid $60 and it was identical and new in the box. Crazy or what???

This is a Noah's Arc sampler. It is all hand carved and hand painted, signed by a local couple near Liditz. I love it!

This little shelf I bought at another antique market. It came complete with all the little animals. Some of them had broken legs so my gracious host John who is an expert carver fixed them all for me and you would never know! I think it used to be a little spice cupboard with drawers but it has since lost them and is perfect to house the little menagerie of primitive animals.

This multi-drawer unit was love at first sight. I bought it at a little store that has lots of cool crafts and recycled art and antiques, it's called Junk to Jazz. Very cool!

Well these are some of the treasures I scored on my trip to Pennsylvania....awesome trip and wonderful friends. : )

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Trip to Pennsylvania

Well it's been a while and now I'm all rusty at blogging. I have been trying to figure out what I should focus on with my creative energy. Painting, drawing, sewing?? All three? Oh well I am still working that out.

In the meantime I went to Pennsylvania with a friend to stay with some friends there for a week. It was awesome!! Wow, there were so many great places that we visited! They were huge and packed with bargains that you don't see here. We were in Berk's County so there were a lot of Amish people there. So different from where I live. Here is Diane who we stayed with. She is an amazing crafter and her husband is a great carver! They were wonderful hosts! : )

I will try to post more regularly.....