Tuesday, 25 March 2014

ipad cover

I got an ipad mini for my Birthday this year.
I looked at covers & cases, didn't see any that
wowed me. So I decided to make my own.

I had a sample swatch of fabric that I designed & some left over
plaid fabric from a pillow I made. Made a heavy felt liner,
sewed up the fabric & put twill tape ties on it.

Then I made a little bag to put the cord & plug in for travel.



The ipad fits right in & cords are in a handy matching pouch.

Now all I have to do is download a bunch of books to read! : )

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Turquoise Dish

I was in Winners/Home Sense, looking for running shoes.
So of course I found a really cute baking dish made in Portugal & in my new
favourite colour, turquoise! It was a deal at only $12.99  : )

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I was out with my friend celebrating our Birthdays,
when I saw this hand carved wooden monkey sitting
on a shelf. He was made in Indonesia & was
a real steal at under $10!

Needless to say he came home with me... 

Mocha likes him too. : )

Friday, 14 March 2014

Cone of shame

I was out walking my dog & we met this
Female Chocolate lab whom we have never met before.
Everything seemed fine & then all of a sudden
they both went for each other. Standing on their hind legs & biting each other!!!
It was scary! It was icy & I couldn't get a good foothold to pull
my dog back right away.
The other guy was pulling hard at his dog as well.
Then suddenly they separated & just looked at each other.
I saw a couple of drops of blood by Mocha's feet.
The other dog seemed fine.

I got home & tried to see what was going on & to clean it out.
There looked like a small flap of skin hanging down on his bottom lip
& it was bleeding but not too much.
I cleaned it up & left it for a while but, Mocha just wouldn't 
settle & seemed to be uncomfortable.
I phoned the vet & they said to bring him in.
Took him in & they said it was good I did because he needed stitches!

They put him out & cleaned out the wound really well & 
stitched him up. Unfortunately for him he has to wear a cone.
He's never had one before & is feeling quite sorry for himself.  : (