Sunday, 26 May 2013

Prom 2013

Nape went to his Prom this year with Charlotte.
He wore my Dad's tuxedo & she wore a beautiful coral/red dress.
They had matching white orchid flowers.

His best buddies, he's known these twins since JK!

What a great group! They sure clean up nice!  : )

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mocha's new collar

I had to get Mocha a new collar. His current one was really starting to
fall appart. Two of the bone decorations on it were swinging loose after one of their
holding pins fell off. The leather was all stretched & getting kind of gross.

This collar is made from a recycled belt. I found it on Etsy.
I think it looks great on him.

He doesn't look amused, but I expect it will grow on him! LOL! : )

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wild Flowers

I was walking the dog through our little forest across the street,
when I noticed some Trillliums. I went home to get my camera & took
some pictures. Then I went around the forest & found some other pretty
wild flowers AKA weeds, but pretty nonetheless.

Some of the colours are quite vivid. The pictures don't do them
justice really. I have no idea what they are.  : )

Friday, 17 May 2013


I was walking the dog in the little forest across the street
when I saw some Trilliums in the leaves.
When we first moved here there were lots of Trilliums in this forest,
but over the years they have been disappearing & I haven't seen any for a few years now.
This being our Provincial flower & symbol for the Province, you are not
allowed to pick these, as they are protected flowers.
However, tell that to the many little kids around here who go wild flower picking.

Anyway I was quite excited to see a few (3) have come back!
So I ran home & got my camera before anyone came by & decided to pick them!

I hope they make a real comeback because they are really 
a lovely flower & so striking when you see them in the wild.  : )

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I get two very nice bouquets of Daffodils each year from my garden.
The first batch blooms about 2 weeks before the second batch.
Probably due to the amount of sun they get. The first batch
gets more sun for longer so blooms first.

They are so pretty. They are my birth flower (March) & the vase is
the colour of by birthstone (aquamarine)
Such a sunny bouquet, it makes me smile. : )

Monday, 13 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

To all the mothers of the world, I salute you!

My Mom is my biggest fan & has been a huge part of my life &
support system. She is always ready to help with whatever I need.
She is there to offer advise, to pitch in with a family dinner,
or just talk me through anything on the phone.

She has travelled the world & reads insatiably all kinds of books & the newspaper.
She watches the news every day & stays current on what's happening
in the world. She is always dressed impeccably with matching accessories,
in styles & colours that suit her.
She went to University against her doctor's advise & graduated with an honours BA 
from U of T, Victoria College. I followed in her foot steps & did the same.
She is 85 years old & still drives her own car. 
Even though we don't always see eye to eye on things, she is always
ready to discuss & put her point across, as am I.

She is a class act all the way, & I am proud to call her Mom.

Love you Mom! xo  : )