Thursday, 16 January 2014

Beautiful Dog Painting

This beautiful dog painting was on the cover of Canadian Art 
magazine Arabella this past spring.

On Watch, acrylic on canvas, 16" x 24" by artist Jeff Musseau.

It is so full of life & looks so much like my dog Mocha.
Just love it. : )

Monday, 13 January 2014

Rocking Horse Redo

This little rocking horse was refinished this Fall.
I bought it while I was at my friend's cottage this summer.
It was pretty rough with some slap dash wood bits stuck on the runners,
a rough twine tail & no mane.

I sanded it, painted it, & waxed it. Then took my trusty old
Halloween mask & cut some more of the hair off it 
to make a tail & mane for this guy. Put a scarf on his back for
some Christmas colour & voila.  : )

Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Salt & Pepper Mills

Last year at the One of A Kind Craft show I bought
a wooden pepper mill handmade by a man named Tremblay
from Quebec. ( No relation) : )

The one on the right is the pepper mill.
This year I bought the salt mill & base to go with it. : )

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Christmas Tree Decorations for 2013

Again, I know it is late but better than never, right?
Here are some new decorations I got this year for the tree.

The tree in all it's finery.

New handmade light bulb ornament from my good friend Diane.

& another

& another

This one is a handmade papier mache one also made by Diane.

A handmade spool ornament snowman by Diane.

This one is a hand carved wooden Santa made by
Diane's husband, John.

This little guy I got at the One of A Kind Craft Show in Toronto.

This one I got on Etsy. It is customized with my dog's name on the back.

Got this dog on Ebay.

This one is handmade from the Markham Home for the Holidays Craft Show.

All put away for next year. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas Decor

Yeah, yeah I know it's late to be posting Christmas decor but I had a few
problems loading photos. I still can't load anything on FB.
It just cycles on & on & I eventually just cancel it. ARGGGHHHH.

Anyway I decided I would try to post here on my blog...

Centre piece with bleached pine cones, vintage balls & mini lights.

Dining room snow globes

Dining room window

Piano in Living room.

Living room decor

More living room decor

Even Judy got into the swing

Wouldn't be Christmas without some dogs  : )

Front hall

Office door card display

Family room

More family room

Family room

Kitchen decor. Made these wreaths with vintage cookie cutters,
an idea I saw in a magazine.

Kitchen window. Lavender tree & Myrtle topiary,
both still alive!

Office decor

more office

more office

& more

& that's it.
I really like decorating for Christmas & have amassed
a lot of decorations over the years.
Sadly I have taken them all down now & put them away for another year.

Time to start cleaning again.