Monday, 29 April 2013

Grandma's Jewels

I am cleaning out the basement which includes boxes of stuff from
my parents' house when they moved to a condo.

I opened one box & found my Grandma's jewellery box.
All her good stuff either my Mom has or I have so this stuff was her
costume jewellery. I found 2 necklaces of crystals that
I remember her wearing on a daily basis! 
Plus a big pin that she used to wear on her dresses. 
Yes she wore dresses every day!

Not only do these remind me of her, they are very retro chic.
 I plan to wear them myself, but maybe not every day! : )

Friday, 26 April 2013

New Lamp

Got this lamp at HomeSense the other night. 
It looks like faux bois & is a little different, it just appealed to me.
It actually gives off more light than the lamp I had there before.

I love the little twig finial. : )

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Waiting for the mail...

Looked out the window this morning & this little fellow was
clinging to the wall beside the mail box.
Don't know what kind of bird he is.

Might be a Chickadee? : )

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My New Favourite Colour.

I love to wear purple but my new favourite colour for decor accents is turquoise.
I have varying shades of it in my living room. 

No two are the same shade yet they all go together to make an
over all cohesive look. It seems to compliment every colour.   : )

Monday, 8 April 2013

The perfect little watering can.

I just received this little antique french watering can in the mail.
I ordered it from Etsy. It is just the right size & has a tiny spout that is
perfect for watering my little window herb garden.


It also looks very sweet.  : )

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Project #6: Rocking Horse Refresh.

Well I finally finished this project. It took a long time to start it & I nearly
chickened out a few times. I have not earned my title
of Master Procrastinator for nothing you know.

Anyway, I rescued this rocking horse from my neighbour's 
garbage & had it in my basement awaiting a refresh for a few months.


He was very dark & was missing his tail.


In my defense, I did have to wait for the paint I ordered to arrive.
I painted the base with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Duck Egg Blue.
The main & hooves are Coco. The saddle is Provence. 

Then I decided to paint the horse Paris Grey instead of Old White.
I also decided to remove the handles in the neck, so I sawed them off,
filled the holes with wood filler & sanded it to finish.


I applied clear wax & then dark wax, sanding in spots to create 
a patina in order to make it look old. I cut some hair off an old
Halloween mask to make the tail.

I really like the way he turned out & all it cost me was about $40 for all the paint! : )