Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dress Form Repaint

I have a small collection of tabletop dress forms.
I had a couple that were different colours & didn't
really go with the rest of the forms. 
So.... I repainted them.

Unfortunately, I did not take a before picture. 
The small one had a dark reddish brown base that I repainted with
Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Flow Blue.
I painted directly on the shiny surface without the bonding agent
because I wanted a very chippy look with the base colour
showing in spots. Then I sealed it with the clear tough topcoat
because I wanted a shiny finish & to stop the paint
 from any further chipping. (far right)

The second one was a pretty shaped metal one but it was
a goldish yellow colour. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint
in Paris Grey, to cover the whole thing. 
Then distressed it & waxed it.

Now the colours blend better with the rest of the forms.  : )

Friday, 30 October 2015

Antiques & Decor Update

I haven't written on this blog for so long I almost forgot how!
I recently went on an antiquing trip to a huge antiques mall in Cambridge. 
I went with a good friend & we ended up spending over 3 hours 
there & only stopped because we were starving!!
I scored some really neat items at great prices!

The first item that caught my eye was this fellow.
He is a 1920's Schuco Yes/No Bellhop Monkey. 
He nods & shakes his head when you move his tail.

These veranda spindles are going to make great table legs for a project I am
going to make with an old window.

This is a wooden shadow puppet is from 1960's Indonesia.
This type of puppet is called Wayang Golek and is
operated by a puppeteer behind a screen to make shadows.
The ornately carved wood is typical of this type of puppet.

A vintage Italian Olive bucket.

On to decor updates.

Recently finished this paint by number I got a few years ago
on clearance for $3. I have never done a paint by number
before & it was a bit of a challenge but quite
satisfying, like solving a difficult jigsaw puzzle.
I added a few colours of my own design and made it mine.
(note the turquoise and purple touches)

When Doug & I had our first apartment we had a really long
hallway and I put a bunch of souvenirs and small
items along it to make it a bit more interesting.
I recently opened the box that they have been stored in for almost 24 years!
I thought they needed to see the light of day again.
New items have been added from new adventures
& I think it is a great way to get rid of some of the
boxes in the basement.

The dried Hydrangeas are from my garden this year.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Magazine Box Refurbish

Have had this wooden box for ages sitting in the basement
just waiting for a refurbish job. Finally painted & waxed it.
I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Tricycle (red)
as the base coat. Then painted Flow Blue over top.
Distressed it & finished with a clear wax.


First coat, Tricycle (red).

Second coat, Flow Blue.

Distressed & waxed.

Detailing. Love the bit of red peeking through.  : )

Monday, 23 February 2015

Happy Birthday Thad!

Today is my eldest son's birthday! He is 22.
Unfortunately he had to go back to school
& has two exams today.  : (

Good Luck Thad & Happy Birthday!
Have a drink after your exams to celebrate!

My Nieces

Met my nieces (my brother's girls) for lunch over reading week.
I don't get to see them often but we had 
a nice lunch & a good visit. 

Both are in second year university
and seem to be enjoying themselves.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Friend Maia

In January, a friend that I met in first year at University
came for a visit from her home in Budapest, Hungary.
Over the years we have kept in touch, first by hand written letters
and now by email & Facebook.

We have seen each other very infrequently face to face but a couple
of weeks ago we met for lunch. We went to our old
stomping grounds, Victoria University at U of T.
We ate lunch in Ned's Cafe in the old Wymilwood building
on Charles St. W. beside the new Goldring Student Centre.
It was as if time melted away and we talked just as we had all those 
years ago! We talked about our families, careers, how things differ in our
respective countries, etc. It was a wonderful visit.

I hope she gets in touch the next time she is in town.
Her daughter is now at U of T. so hopefully this will warrant a few more trips!

We took a selfie with our old pal Northrop Frye. LOL!
Cheers to good friends! : )

Little Red Wagon

Got this little wagon last summer while at my friend's cottage.
I finally refinished it! I used a lot of elbow grease to sand the red paint
off the bed of the wagon. I painted the sides and handle in 
Miss Mustardseed's Milk Paint, Flow Blue.
I distressed it so some of the red shows through. I then used the
Hemp Oil to nourish the raw wood. I then sealed the whole thing with
 the Tough Coat clear sealer.
I love the results!  : )



Because of the sealer, it can now be used inside or out.  

Saturday, 24 January 2015

My best friend turns 11 today!

Mocha is 11 today.
Happy Birthday to the sweetest dog I know. xo  : )

Now the Baby!

My baby, Nape just turned 20!!
I am no longer the mother of any teenagers!
Happy Birthday my SUN.