Friday, 30 August 2013

The Segwun

The Segwun is a steam ship that cruises on Lake Muskoka, 
docked at the Gravenhurst wharf. Way back when the boat was powered by
paddlewheel, & was called the Nipissing, my great-grandfather
was the captain. The Segwun is the oldest Royal Mail boat still in service. 
Yes, you can still mail a letter right on board!

When I was at the Bracebridge Craft show this summer, I saw
an artist that painted on Muskoka granite & one of the scenes 
was of the Segwun. This one looks like a perfect Muskoka sunset cruise.

It makes a nice sentimental keepsake.  : )

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dress Form Pillow

When my friend goes away for the weekend to her cottage, I often feed her cats.
I don't mind doing this at all as it is no trouble & doesn't take
a lot of time to do. It gives her peace of mind to know that
someone is looking after them & the house.

As a Thank You, she brought me back this wonderful
dress form pillow, as she knows I have a little collection of dress forms.
It was made by a local artist in Rosseau. It can also be used as a door stop,
as it is weighted in the bottom.

I just love it! : )

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hidden Camera

While it may look like Judy is sporting a nice leather purse.... look again.
It is actually my Grandpa's camera case which holds his vintage Kodak camera.
Not sure what year it is but my Grandpa passed away in 1970
& he used it long before that. It is one of those ones 
where you open it up & fold out the lens.

It still has film in it but I have accidentally opened the back of the
camera so many times, plus it is so old, I am sure there is nothing
on it anymore to develop.

He used to be quite the amateur photographer, & I have inherited hundreds of slides.
Yes slides. Most of them from the 50's & 60's. 
They really are good quality but I have to get 
out the projector & screen, set it up, etc., etc. 


Pretty cool, eh?
One of these days I will have a slide night!  : )